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Blue Wonderland

Edukacja Gry Edukacyjne Dla dzieci
Desenvolvedor: Yateland

"Blue Wonderland" is an educational game for children. Its background music, adapted from a famous childrens ballad, is specially designed for Mac.
"Blue Wonderland" is also an interactive book that enables babies to feel personally on the scene and thus satisfies babies’ ocean exploring wish. Look! Shoals of fish are playing around in the ocean, with sea turtles, cute sea horses and transparent jelly fish nearby. Nemo is “hiding” in coral, while crabs are waving their crackers and penguins are enjoying diving. Watch out! A shark is approaching. Everybody swims away!
More serects about the ocean are there for your baby to discover!

Delight your children and encourage them to touch and explore everything in the 100% interactive illustrations.
- Poke the baby to explore the ocean secrets
- Make jelly fish free-swiming
- Help Nemo "hiding"
- Play peek-a-boo with sea horses
- Play with shoals of fish, swim away from Sharks
- And, much more!